Predictive Analytics

Tailored insights that inform what pre-owned items will sell quickly and who could be interested.


Embed our analytics tool in a few simple steps.



Our tool autonomously and anonymously captures data.



We deliver insights in an actionable and easy-to-read fashion.

Sell items faster, reduce inventory disposal

Solve your wasted inventory problem at the source. Our data will show you which second-hand items have greater demand and who is interested in those items before you even list them.

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Grow sustainably!

Since its conception, ReUnite's mission has remained making this planet a cleaner place for everyone. Our goal is not only to increase profitability of your resale business but also reduce the chance of inventory ending up in a landfill. Join us in our mission to promote the reuse of all types of items.

Our analytics tool is compliant with internet data privacy laws from agencies all over the world, including the CCPA, LGPD, and GDPR. One less thing to worry about when trying to grow your business.

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