AI-Powered Predictive Analytics For Recommerce

ReUnite helps you sell items faster.

Predictive Analytics

Selling pre-owned items often involves not knowing what the market demands and can eventually lead to the disposal of those items. Our analytics tool acquires buyer interest data and provides insights that inform what items will sell quickly and who may be interested.

Collection Services

ReUnite provides collection services for compost, mixed recycling, clothing, electronics, appliances, and more. We currently offer collection services in Lincoln and Omaha.

Become a Partner

ReUnite is actively searching to partner with recycling and reuse businesses. We can help you identifying what local buyers are searching for and provide software to increase collections.

About us

ReUnite is our invitation for you to join this mission right from home. At our roots, our mission is to make this planet a cleaner, healthier home for us all.  

We are a Nebraska-based startup that provides tech-enabled reuse solutions and local collection services. Our reuse solutions make it easier to buy or sell second-hand items locally. By making it easier for local businesses to connect with buyers, we help move inventory faster, creating space to divert more. 

If you looking to buy or sell second-hand goods, contact us for more info.